Fairbanks Scholarship

As a major industry and employer in Beloit, Fairbanks understands the importance of providing a scholarship that addresses needed skills such as welding, machinery and maintenance repair and diesel technician.

High School Senior, Continuing, or Adult student
Attending an accredited technical school
Pursing the study of welding, machining, maintenance repair or diesel technician

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current high school senior or alum from one of the following high schools?
  2. Education
    • Are you currently attending school?
    • What is your GPA? If you answered no, enter 00
  3. Which technical program are you enrolled or planning to enroll in?
  4. Tell us more about your decision to pursue a technical degree
  5. Please share an event or experience that exemplifies your work ethic, loyalty, and determination.
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