Pohl Family Scholarship General Application

The Pohl Family Scholarship was created to honor the lives of Jack and Kathy Pohl. This scholarship was created after the death of Jack Pohl to support the education of students interested in pursuing a degree or a certificate at a community or technical college. The students must demonstrate hard work, loyalty and determination which are all qualities Jack and Kathy possessed and instilled in their children.

Applicant is from the Stateline Area;
Applicants must be enrolled at a 2-year community or technical college in the fall
A high school or college GPA of 2.8 or higher

Supplemental Questions
  1. Current GPA (Please enter your unweighted GPA)
  2. Upload your most recent transcript (This must be a pdf document). Please insert the file name when prompted.
  3. ACT/SAT
    • Have you taken the SAT or ACT test?
    • If you answered yes, upload your test score (This must be a pdf document)
  4. List your hobbies
  5. List (up to 10) volunteer opportunities:
    • a. Activity Name
    • b. Start Date
    • c. End Date (If you are currently participating, use 6/1/2021 as the end date)
    • d. How many hours a week?
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